Understanding Calculus

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  Table of Contents

  1. Why Study
  2. Numbers
  3. Functions
  4. The Derivative
  5. Differentiation
  6. Applications
  7. Free Falling
  8. Understanding
  9. Derivative
  10. Integration
  11. Understanding
  12. Differentials

  Inverse Functions
  Applications of
  Sine and Cosine
  Sine Function
  Sine Function -
  Differentiation and
  Oscillatory Motion
  Mean Value
  Taylor Series
  More Taylor Series


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" I have been looking literally for years to find a book on calculus I can understand and I've finally found it. I have written a lot of vertical market apps such as for the communications industry, lots of third party CAD applications and many, many apps using the procedural language contained within the environment my client had available. My apps have been very math heavy but not Calculus which is surprising I think becuase at least 3 of the programs I wrote were considered impossible by many to write. Nonetheless, I will be able to expand my repetoire by being able to apply any calculus as a faster route to certain solutions. Thanks for getting back with me. Your book is great." - Robert Jensen

" Thank you very much for making this website. Before starting this I did not even know what calculus was. I had not taken a math course(algebra) since highschool(6 years ago) and now I am getting equivalent to a college level course of calculus for free. Your site has reopened my interest in math, and I wont stop now until I understand everything you are teaching. Again thank you for taking the time to make such a great website, and respond to your viewers! " - Thomas Phillips

I am really grateful for your wonderful calculus resource. It has really helped me develop a high level of understanding in calculus and see the profound implications that has in the endeavor of science. The first chapter shows your deep understanding of mathematics and how it underpins the inquisitive nature of the human mind. Your introduction has given me a new perspective on the state of the world and science itself. I now realize how I have missed an opportunity to study the wonderful world of calculus. I'm halfway through the course and am already beginning to see that it has given me a new life. Thank you very much. I believe your initiative in creating a resource will truly be rewarded by the universe. - Krishna Teja Mokshagundam

I am very grateful for people like you, which separate time in this always hurry to somewhere world, to share knowledge to the next generations. Thank you for your free knowledge shared in your web sites. It is a rare pearl in the ocean of commercial want-more-money web sites. Thank you for your work, it inspired me, because I saw that there is someone in the world who cares and who thinks like me.

Thanks for this amazing book. I wish my high-school teacher had the knowledge to teach me all this. I have spent hours trying to figure out what differentiation means, guess thats what kept me from getting good marks in math. Now I feel like i have been given a superpower which lets me understand nature. Thanks a lot. - Prasanna Venkatesh

I have worked in the electronics field for nearly 15 years, and have yet to fully learn calculus. Mostly, this has been due to a lack of necessity, since my job doesn't absolutely require it. Furthermore, I had found little to no treatment of the subject that was approachable or practical. So far, I am finding your book to be extremely approachable, very well articulated, and beyond all other measures, practical. For the first time in my life, I find myself WANTING to learn calculus...thank you for that! - Tyler Speed

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